Three cheers for the Sunny Tripower!

Part 1: More Power

A lot more power. With the addition of the delta-grid compatible 30000TL-US, the Sunny Tripower TL-US line of three-phase commercial string inverters now packs even more punch than before. Since the dawn of commercial solar, no customer has ever complained about getting more power from the sun.

The future of three-phase

Three-phase string inverters have become increasingly popular amid the rise in commercial solar installations. The benefits of distributed solar are proven, yet only achieved if the inverters can deliver power reliably and consistently.

So what are the keys to generating more power? Let’s kick the tires on the world’s best commercial string inverter to find out.

The Sunny Tripower boasts class-leading efficiency, an impressive 98 percent, delivering more power over the lifetime of the system. Yet efficiency isn’t the only measure of power. Commercial solar systems with Sunny Tripower inverters benefit from dual independent maximum power point tracking (MPPT) channels and up to eight strings, four-per-channel, when paired with SMA’s Connection Unit.

The entire product line is built for 1,000 V systems (Sunny Tripower 12000TL-US – 24000TL-US are 600 V capable) and starts making power at a mere 150 V while maintaining its wide MPPT voltage range through its 1,000 V max. Unlike low-cost Asian inverters, this U.S.-built unit keeps working in the harshest rooftop conditions, operating between -10 degrees Fahrenheit to a blistering 140 degrees, all without needing additional heat shielding.

OptiTrac: Shade mitigation that works

The Sunny Tripower includes SMA’s exclusive, proprietary OptiTrac™ Global Peak functionality to track the global maximum power point on each MPPT when shade is present, ensuring the highest energy production. While other inverters rely on the local power point, significantly reducing power output, the Sunny Tripower has the brains and brawn to nearly eliminate energy losses from partial shade. It reduces shading losses, rendering more expensive, module-level technologies unnecessary.


Stay tuned for more

Stay tuned for the next installments of Three cheers for the Sunny Tripower. In parts two and three, we’ll take a look at how decentralized systems using the world’s top-selling, three-phase inverter have more flexibility and more profitability than systems using any other three-phase inverter.

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