Get to Know Jeppe Johansen; SMA America’s New Managing Director

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Get to Know Jeppe Johansen; SMA America’s New Managing DirectorGet to Know Jeppe Johansen; SMA America’s New Managing Director

Jeppe (pronounced Y-E-B-B-A) has been hired as the new Managing Director for SMA America. In this role he will oversee the American subsidiary and the collaboration with SMA’s corporate headquarters in Germany.  

He comes to the team after leading organizations across Europe, Asia and the US in multiple industries including renewable energy. Jeppe, soon to be a US citizen, is originally from Denmark. This international background has given him a fundamental understanding of diverse markets, with an appreciation for cross-cultural collaboration, a key strength in his leadership. 

With a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in business administration, he combines technical knowledge with strong business acumen. He is often recognized as the calmest one in the room, yet still runs towards the fires of big challenges.  

“I have a relentless pursuit of purpose,” says Jeppe. “I often see several ways to cultivate success and each stem from an intentional mindset. I’m a proponent for steady progress. While the finish line may often be in flux, I always have my eye on how we surpass our incremental goals.” 

As Managing Director, his priorities include capturing market growth in North America, driving team development and building a culture where everyone feels inspired.  

Jeppe’s appointment as Managing Director highlights the SMA commitment to attracting top talent and leveraging diverse expertise to drive innovation. His leadership, vision and collaborative approach will undoubtedly strengthen the team while enhancing the impact on customers and partners. 

“The growth potential in the upcoming years cannot be overstated,” says Jeppe. Considering the Inflation Reduction Act, market focus on sustainability in addition to state and local incentives, we have wind in our sails for a bright future. I’m excited to steer our ship.” 

The hiring comes at a pivotal time as SMA is well into the transition from a traditional inverter manufacturer to a wholistic solutions provider across its home, commercial and large-scale business segments. As the industry booms, the organization has an opportunity to build on the brand affinity developed through the years.  

“SMA is well known for quality and longevity – but with new partnerships like SPAN and Samsung we are well positioned to evolve from a legacy product to a forward-thinking, nimble competitor in the market,” says Jeppe. “This shift in approach extends into product development, corporate culture and ESG. Our aim is to evolve as a market leader in everything we do.” 

Jeppe lives in Rocklin with his wife Brittany, daughters Londyn and Nova, and son Aston. In his spare time (ha!) he enjoys reading business books and lacing up his shoes for a good run to clear his mind. 

He has an open-door policy and is enthusiastic about hearing new ideas. SMA is confident that under Jeppe’s leadership, the organization will continue to thrive and deliver exceptional results.  


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