Inside SMA’s Home Energy Solution – Insights from Hasan Taylor on The Pitch Podcast

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Chris Crowell, Editor of Solar Builder and host of The Pitch interviewed SMA Senior Applications Engineer Hasan Taylor on a recent episode of the videocast focusing on the new SMA Home Energy Solution. The two covered many topics including why system simplicity is important, how modular, and stackable batteries are beneficial and why SMA ShadeFix is like the Google Maps of the inverter.  

The Pitch | Selling points of SMA's Home Energy Solution

Decoding Complexity: Understanding the Importance of System Simplicity in Solar

Hasan explained to listeners the benefits of string inverters, which offer a larger capacity and are at ground level. This category of inverter converts power from multiple PV modules connected in series strings to one or more independent inputs. The two discussed reliability, and why simpler systems naturally have lower failure rates, as compared to those with high system complexity and number of components.  

Shedding Light on ShadeFix: Hasan Taylor Reveals SMA’s Innovative Solution

Chris asked questions about how SMA ShadeFix works; the proprietary, shade optimization solution that is integrated in each inverter and helps maximize the capability of PV energy production in every situation – even when shading occurs. 

Empowering Homes: Exploring the Benefits of SMA’s Hybrid Inverter and Backup Secure

The conversation focused on the SMA Home Energy Solution, an energy ecosystem that gives installers and homeowners increased reliability and optimized performance to power the ever-changing needs of US homes. This new system includes the Sunny Boy Smart Energy (SBSE) hybrid inverter, SMA Energy Meter, optional Backup Secure, the SMA 360° app, SMA ShadeFix and the SMA Energy app. 

Future-Proofing Energy: How SMA’s Solution Adapts to Changing Household Needs

Homeowners with the SMA Home Energy Solution are protected against grid instabilities and rising energy costs. At the heart is the new Sunny Boy Smart Energy hybrid inverter. This 2-in-1 hybrid inverter can be equipped with SMA’s Backup Secure (previously Secure Power Supply) and provides a flexible solution that empowers homeowners to take control of their energy. With this feature, homeowners can generate solar power and power key appliances even when the grid is down. 

Seamless Integration: Simplifying Installation with SMA’s Smart Design

The SMA Home Energy Solution can grow with a household’s needs. Installers can start with a PV-only system and add storage later. The DC-coupled battery design with 200% DC to AC oversizing capabilities, along with three MPPTs, empowers designers and installers with unmatched flexibility. 

Monitoring Made Easy: Unlocking Peace of Mind with SMA’s Smart Connected Service

This future-proof solution only requires incorporating PV sizing at the main service panel. Batteries do not impact AC breaker size, making installation easier and reducing the need for costly main electrical panel upgrades. Included in the solution is an integrated System Manager, which allows management and monitoring of up to 4 inverters, energy meter and batteries. Also included in the Sunny Boy Smart Energy hybrid inverter is SMA ShadeFix, a proprietary technology that optimizes PV system energy production in every situation – especially in complex array designs and when solar panels are shaded. Last, but not least, each inverter is eligible for the free SMA Smart Connected monitoring service, which offers proactive diagnosis of potential issues with the PV system. 

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