SMA America Welcomes Teresa Kelley as New Vice President of Finance, Legal, and Digitalization

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SMA America Vice President of Finance, Legal, and Digitalization

SMA America welcomes Teresa Kelley as new Vice President of Finance, Legal, and Digitalization, a role in which her extensive expertise and innovative leadership will be invaluable. With an impressive track record of driving financial success and operational excellence at multinational organizations, Teresa brings a wealth of experience to our team. 

A Seasoned Leader with Proven Success 

Teresa is a senior finance and operations executive who has consistently demonstrated her ability to lead and innovate. Over her distinguished career, she has held pivotal roles that have significantly contributed to the success of the organizations she has been a part of. Her leadership style, marked by strategic vision and meticulous execution, has enabled her to drive remarkable outcomes and foster a culture of excellence. 

“My business philosophy strikes a balance of mind and heart,” says Teresa. “It’s important to first get to know people and understand what motivates them. From there you can best engineer success.” 

A Stellar Career at Intel and Beyond 

Teresa spent over 20 years at Intel honing her skills and rising through the ranks. During her tenure, she played a crucial role in managing financial operations, driving strategic initiatives, and contributing to the organization’s global success. Her experience at Intel provided her with a solid foundation in financial management and operational efficiency, preparing Teresa for the challenges and opportunities in her subsequent roles. 

After her tenure at Intel, Teresa transitioned to Chief Financial Officer positions in smaller multinational organizations. In these roles, she continued to showcase her ability to manage complex financial landscapes and lead teams toward achieving strategic objectives. Her experience in diverse organizational settings has equipped her with a broad perspective and a versatile approach to financial management and operational leadership. 

“At this point in my career I’m mission-driven,” says Teresa. “I’m excited to join an organization with such a healthy corporate culture where I can see clear potential for the impact I can make. I’m motivated to ask questions, create process and define strategies to make our subsidiary a center of excellence.” 

Steering SMA America Towards Success 

“We are confident that Teresa’s leadership will be instrumental in steering the organization toward our ambitious goals,” says Jeppe Johansen, managing director of SMA America. “Her extensive experience and proven track record make her the ideal candidate to oversee our finance, legal and digitalization functions. Teresa’s strategic insight and operational acumen will be invaluable as we navigate the evolving landscape of the renewable energy industry.” 

In her new role, Teresa will play a key part in developing our organizational culture and supporting our five growth pillars. Her expertise will help us enhance our financial performance, streamline our operations, and leverage digital technologies to drive innovation and efficiency. We are excited to see the positive impact of her leadership on our team and our overall performance. 

More About Teresa

SMA America Welcomes Teresa Kelley as New Vice President of Finance, Legal, and Digitalization
When she isn’t busy optimizing systems at SMA, Teresa loves to work out, bake and cook. She makes a mean pasta using her grandmother’s recipe. Along with her husband Tom, she travels often to stay close with her four daughters.  

Welcome Teresa!  

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