Keep it parked – preventing truck rolls for failed micros

Dispatching a truck to replace a failed micro inverter has become enemy number one for solar installers. Powering down a system and wading through a rooftop of good modules to gain access to the failed micro is a job nobody wants to do.

Truck rolls are more than an inconvenience; they pull crews away from profitable install sites and almost always cost more than anticipated to complete. Micro inverter technology has come a long way in recent years and those advances have led to a more reliable inverter, drastically reducing the likelihood of unpleasant customer calls for failed inverters and lost power—now that’s something to appreciate!

Preventing communication problems

Powerline communication systems have become an unfortunate norm for micro inverters. Sadly these systems are susceptible to interference from household electronics like garage doors, appliances and even pool equipment.

Truck rolls for simple communication problems can be stopped in their tracks by using a dedicated communication device and system manager like the Sunny Multigate-US. Its interference-free monitoring

System reliability means more than a robust inverter. Interference-free monitoring through a Sunny Multigate is critical to achieving total reliability.

System reliability means more than a robust inverter. Interference-free monitoring through a Sunny Multigate is critical to achieving total reliability.

protocol enables a more reliable module-level monitoring than earlier micro inverter systems to ensure more energy production over the lifetime of each inverter.

Preventing inverter failures

Micros are the most battle-scarred inverters in the PV marketplace. They must be built to withstand the harsh rooftop conditions, from winter storms to blazing summer heat. With those conditions in mind, the Sunny Boy 240-US was designed to not only survive, but thrive.

Using 50 percent fewer parts than other micros on the market means fewer chances for failure. Combine that with SMA’s experience in building the PV industry’s most dependable inverters and features like a unique thermal design to protect sensitive electronics to prevent premature failure.

Preventing cabling issues

You spoke, we listened. Installing micro inverters often requires an expensive and inflexible trunk cable. The Sunny Boy 240-US’s daisy chain wiring design incorporates pre-assembled AC plugs makes installs simple and any future servicing a breeze.

Should anything ever happen to the cables, like pesky neighborhood rodents, only the damaged sections would need replacement. Avoiding the replacement of an entire trunk cable, lost power production and angered customers is something to smile about.

Thoughtful design combined with reliable build makes all the difference—difference between rolling a service truck for repairs and getting a referral for new business.

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