Leading the Way at SMA: Stephanie Fellenberg

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Stephanie Fellenberg, SMA’s Sales Support, and Operations Manager, recently sat down for an interview at RE+, the industry’s largest tradeshow in the US, to talk about her leadership role with SMA, her career path, and her passion for renewable energy. In the interview, Stephanie shares that she is passionate about her role with SMA and the industry because it’s engaging and it’s also an opportunity to leave the world a better place than she found it.

Before she pursued her passion for renewable energy, Stephanie worked for Apple. She started out in a warehouse position packing iPhones before advancing into an administrative role in logistics. From there, her career journey brought her to SMA, where she first worked with the logistics and supply chain division of the business before moving into distribution sales and then a key leadership role within sales.

Today, Stephanie plays a critical role as a liaison between sales and operations, and she is especially enthusiastic about the launch of SMA’s whole home solution. The market has shifted in recent years as homeowners want more control over their energy, and SMA is prepared to scale.

With groundbreaking solutions developing and consumer interest in energy growing, there’s never been a better time to work in renewables. As the industry continues to lead the way in creating a cleaner, better world, Fellenberg believes that having more women working in renewables careers will only add to the progress.

Her advice to younger women? Get involved. It’s a fun, fast-paced career path, and now is a great time for women to continue breaking down barriers and diversifying the renewables industry.

Watch the full interview below.

RE+ interview with Stephanie Fellenberg


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