CIMACO Stores Shine with the CORE1

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CIMACO solar system

Grupo CIMACO department stores have more than 90 years of experience serving consumers across Mexico. Now, through a partnership with SMA, renewable energy is becoming part of CIMACO’s legacy. 

In Saltillo, Mexico, the CIMACO store location is among the latest solar spotlight projects utilizing SMA Sunny Tripower CORE 1 inverters. The installation, completed in July 2020 by Becquerel Power, boasts a capacity of 499 kW AC and 647.2 kilowatts peak DC.

Ulises Rivera, commercial manager at Becquerel Power, emphasized the significance of bringing solar power in this CIMACO location. “We’re excited to partner with SMA and CIMACO on this array and to continue integrating renewable energy into more commercial spaces,” said Rivera. “We look forward to seeing the positive impact for both the company and the community.”

In alignment with CIMACO’s commitment to customers and the environment, this solar installation allows the company to generate clean, low-cost energy for self-consumption. The project will also reduce operating costs, such as the cost of electricity, which is a strategic, long-term investment for CIMACO.

The Sunny Tripower CORE 1 inverter was selected for this project due to SMA’s premier operational reliability. Multi-site monitoring platforms, such as ennexOS, combined with optimal technical specifications and competitive warranties help distinguish SMA as the provider for CIMACO’s inverter needs.

“SMA’s inverter has been the ideal choice for this project, delivering on and extending beyond all of our client’s needs,” Rivera said. “Both the CORE 1 technology and SMA’s excellent O&M are some of the many reasons we enjoy partnering with SMA.”

The CIMACO Saltillo installation—for which Becquerel Power handed the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), while the Solar Power Group served as the developer—boasts a sizable scope. The installation features eight 62.5 kw CORE 1 inverters and 1,650 LONGI Solar 400-watt panels. According to estimates, the array will produce 1,096,480 kilowatt hours of energy annually, with 75% offset.

Becquerel Power, the project’s installer, has contracts totaling nearly 15 megawatts of power distributed across different states in Mexico. Becquerel specializes in developing turnkey solar projects through EPC services for industrial-scale energy generation. With a history of more than a decade in the photovoltaic industry, Becquerel is seeking further growth in cooperation with local and international companies, and its work on the CIMACO installation represents how that goal manifests in real-world projects.

We thank our partners at PROINSO for this collaboration and invite you to visit our photo gallery and enjoy the visuals courtesy of Becquerel Power.

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