SMA Launches the Sunny Tripower X to the Americas Market

Wednesday, February 8, SMA America launches the Sunny Tripower X to the Americas market for use in small-to-medium sized commercial PV systems. The arrival of this solution has been highly anticipated, having previously launched internationally over the past year. From agriculture to retail and corporate spaces, the Sunny Tripower X has found its place in the renewable market and will look to continue that same trajectory into the future.

This light-weight commercial inverter features the proven quality that comes with over 40 years of experience delivering innovative renewable solutions. The system itself was created as an energy solution for small-to-medium sized commercial applications, offering designers and installers an alternative option to larger products that may not fit the scale of the project.

SMA Launches the Sunny Tripower X to the Americas Market“We know our business customers have been looking for a flexible solution that can be used in a variety of smaller commercial projects,” said Charles Smith, Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Solutions at SMA America. “The Sunny Tripower X offers just that-with unmatched flexibility, integration options and SMA’s industry-leading technology. The Sunny Tripower X has been well-received in other global markets, and we are thrilled to bring it to our customers in the Americas.”

Developed as the centerpiece of a new comprehensive energy system, the Sunny Tripower X is the smallest inverter for sustainable energy generation for commercial projects, offering a more cost-effective and appropriate choice for system designers. This all-in-one solution features a range of functions enabling easy integration, with a System Manager, SMA Smart Connected and SMA ShadeFix all in one device. The integrated System Manager enables complete energy management from one platform while combining state-of-the-art technology into one device. The modular design concept offers future-proofing capabilities, with the ability to include additional components to the system as needed.

SMA Launches Sunny Tripower X to the Americas MarketFeaturing three independent MPP trackers, SMA ShadeFix string optimization technology, a low start voltage and a wide MPP voltage range, the Sunny Tripower X aids in the design of a flexible system with focus on maximum energy yields. Systems built with the Sunny Tripower X can be easily monitored and managed through Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS.

“The Sunny Tripower X is the first of a series of new commercial solutions planned for the market as we all collectively strive to empower businesses to become carbon neutral,” Smith said. “The launch of this product is only the beginning for the SMA Energy System Business as we look to identify new opportunities for maximizing returns from solar power – today and in the future.”

The inverter is also equipped with safety features that SMA customers have come to rely on, including industry-leading arc fault protection and integrated SunSpec Rapid Shutdown. It is also certified to Canadian standards.

Find more information and updates on the Sunny Tripower X and contact your SMA Authorized Distributor today!!

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