Advance Your Solar Career: Join the SMA Energy Tour for Free Training

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Free Training for Solar Installers

To advance your solar career, join the SMA Energy Tour for free training. As solar technology advances, the demand for in-depth, comprehensive training becomes increasingly important. SMA America recognizes this and is committed to supporting installers to ensure they are well-prepared to work with the most advanced solar inverter systems. With the growing complexity of solar power systems, training can save valuable time and reduce complications during installations. 

Introducing the SMA Energy Tour

To address this need, SMA America has organized a roadshow called the “SMA Energy Tour,” running until mid-July across seven states: California, New York, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Florida, and Texas.

Collaborative Efforts with Distributors

This initiative is in collaboration with authorized distributors including Wesco, Greentech Renewables, Krannich, Rexel, and PROINSO. The tour will include multiple stops at the branches of these distributors, where installers will receive detailed technical training and can earn continuing education credits from NABCEP, the industry’s specialized certifying body. These sessions will be offered free of charge.

Free Technical Training and NABCEP Credits

The training is designed to equip installers with knowledge of the latest safety standards and innovative technologies in renewable energy. The SMA Energy Tour will cover both residential and commercial energy solutions, providing opportunities to expand expertise in cutting-edge technology and connect with industry peers.


The Energy Tour Road Show will be divided into two segments: Home Energy Solution and Commercial Energy Solution.

Focus on Home Energy Solution

For Home Energy Solutions, attendees can expect in-depth discussions on the hybrid inverter, energy management innovations with the SMA Energy Meter, and battery and backup options.

Focus on Commercial Energy Solution

The Commercial Energy Solutions segment will address generating, storing, and managing energy, including insights on the Sunny Tripower X, Sunny Tripower CORE1 and UL 3741 compliance. Each event will last about three hours, with snacks, refreshments, and lunch provided throughout the training period.

Connecting with Industry Experts

By prioritizing face-to-face sessions, SMA America will foster a closer connection between its experts and installers. This method will help installers gain a thorough understanding of systems, as they can observe demonstrations, receive immediate feedback, and resolve any questions on the spot. After the training sessions, there will be opportunities for one-on-one interactions. These benefits ensure installers are better equipped with practical knowledge and skills, leading to more effective and confident solar installations.

SMA Energy Tour Schedule and Locations

June Roadshows:

  • Northeast (New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine): Join the SMA Energy Tour in the Northeast. Find a session near you and register today.
  • California: Join the SMA Energy Tour across California. Identify the nearest session and sign up today.

July Roadshows:

  • Texas and Florida: Registration links and details for the Texas and Florida roadshows will be available soon. Keep informed by visiting our events page or following us on social media.

Register for the SMA Energy Tour Today

Seize this opportunity to master cutting-edge solar technologies and gain invaluable insights from SMA America’s industry-leading experts. Elevate your professional capabilities and connect with like-minded professionals to propel your career forward in the dynamic field of solar energy.

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