The Secret to Maximizing Your Energy Consumption at Home

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With the SMA Energy System, homeowners are able to achieve both whole home backup during power outages and efficient energy management when reducing energy bills requires more than just a PV system.

In Part I of this blog series, we will provide details on how homeowners can maximize energy consumption with the SMA Energy System. In Part II, we will elaborate on the options for protected loads and whole home backup power. 

Part I: SMA Energy Management Solutions for Your Home

A truly smart home integrates PV, storage, monitoring and control to maximize energy efficiency throughout all of the home’s operations to achieve monetary savings for the homeowner.

What are Time-Of-Use Utility Rates?Time of Use Graphic

Many electric utilities have moved to a time-of-use rate structure. This means the price of power is high when demand is high -but it is not just the time of day affecting your power bill. The day of the week- and even the season- affects pricing. Managing power costs is complex because a home’s solar system is producing the most energy during daytime periods of low demand when electricity is worth the least amount of money.

What to Do for a More Efficient Energy Consumption?

Adding battery storage to a solar system offsets the effects of time-of-use rates and maximizes the usage of electricity your system generates. It’s simple: energy produced during the day is stored in your batteries and used in the evening when the cost of electricity is higher. This is what we call energy self-consumption, and it can save you up to 45 percent annually on your electricity costs!

Whether in markets like Arizona, where utilities add a costly penalty based on a ratepayer’s maximum daytime energy use, or in a state like Hawaii, where a mandatory requirement prohibits back feed into the grid, the SMA Energy System can help mitigate charges.

What is Backup Lite?BackupLite Graphic

The SMA Energy System includes the proprietary Backup Lite feature, which offers 2,000 Watts/16A of power so that the most critical appliances in your home can run day or night for the duration of the battery. In the event of an outage, homeowners just flip the Backup Lite manual switch and it will deliver power to pre-determined loads.

Therefore, if homeowners want to combat the effects of time-of-use pricing or manage home energy in a more efficient way, the SMA Energy System is the smart solution.

Are you interested? Call your solar installer today and ask for the SMA Energy System!

  1. John
    John says:

    Easier said than done. How to tell the system to only recharge with solar power? We have a system installed with 4 Sunny Islands and 50kwp LiIon Tesvolt Battery. However, we cannot tell the battery that it should only recharge with Solar, so the battery is recharing also through the grid. What would your solution be for that issue? Thanks!

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