SMA Becomes Powin’s Master Supply and Service Provider

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SMA is excited to announce that the organization has signed an agreement with energy storage company Powin to serve as the master supply and service provider for all large-scale storage projects that will help modernize the grid over the next two years. 

“We know Powin values the quality and reliability of SMA’s products and solutions, and we are confident we can deliver the best solutions for its future projects,” said Jay Arghestani, vice president of large-scale solutions with SMA America. “With a shared  commitment to excellence and innovation in energy, we look forward to a synergistic partnership in the years ahead as the industry continues to grow and evolve.” 

This is a mutually beneficial agreement between the two companies, both of which are already playing major roles in the transition to clean and dependable energy storage. The partnership will drive efficiency and collaboration within both companies. Through the agreement, Powin has committed to using SMA products for at least 2 GW of installation in the next few years. 

While the agreement offers a number of benefits between the two companies, the primary advantage to Powin will be a defined forecast for the next two to three years, offering more predictable pricing on SMA products. It will also improve the company’s supply chain management and provide an opportunity to better plan and scale projects. 

SMA looks forward to building a stronger relationship with Powin with focus on increasing efficiency in the ordering process, as well as developing a partnership grounded in best practices and a shared dedication to continuous improvement within the renewable industry. 

“Our commitment to serving the US market and our customers is reinforced by this new partnership with SMA, a best-in-class inverter manufacturer,” said Anthony Carroll, president of Powin. “As the energy storage market enters the next era of transformative growth, SMA will help us meet this new demand, giving our customers more flexibility in choosing their preferred power conversion systems  technology.” 


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