Tech Tip: Installing Secure Power Supply

Tech Tip: Installing Secure Power Supply

Secure Power Supply is the easiest, most cost-effective way for a residential solar system to provide opportunity power during daytime grid outages without costly batteries. Plus, installing it takes only a few minutes with the Solar Academy’s Greg Smith.

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  1. Rene Lopez
    Rene Lopez says:

    Hi Justin, I own a SB6000-12TLUS, but I am having a problem with my utility electrical company which is supplying an over voltage condition to my grid.Actually my SMA is registering 131 VAC per line L1-L2 in reference to Neutral reason why the SMA is going into alarm mode.Can you tell me how I can raise up the parameter percent to the maximum voltage so I can have my SMA back to work.I call my utility company to retap my supply transformer but they told me that this one can no be adjusted because is very old.They told me to place an order for a new one which will cost me $4,000.00 dollars. PLEASE HELP ME OUT ON THIS ONE.
    Thank you.
    Rene Lopez
    787 315 2555

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