Survey Says SMA is Number One Inverter Brand in the World

In a survey from IMS Research of more than 400 PV inverter purchasers, SMA was selected as the most preferred PV inverter brand globally in 2012 – and it was ranked number one in the U.S., as well.

SMA received this accolade with competition from 73 other inverter brands. Survey participants included distributors, installers, integrators, EPCs and wholesalers.

In addition to evaluating inverter preference, the survey asked questions about warranty and service plans after the purchase of an inverter. SMA was chosen as the top manufacturer in these categories as well.

This is a great honor for us, and we appreciate our loyal partners who are the reason for our global success. In turn, our commitment to you is to remain a reliable partner and manufacturer of high quality inverters, and to always provide the very best customer service for the life of your inverter.

A detailed summary and link to the original report by IMS Research is available here.

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