Solar Spotlight: Sustainability Shines Bright in Paradise

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Solar Spotlight - Island of Bryan

Sitting on 10 pristine acres of oceanfront property in South Andros in the Bahamas is the Caerula Mar Club, a luxury resort comprising private villas and suites, just steps from the stunning white sands of the beach.  The resort was originally built in the 1960s and redeveloped in 2018. Today, the newly developed resort uses sustainable, natural materials and remains fully dedicated to the concept of building regenerative travel experiences for guests—or leaving a place better than the condition in which it was found. The property features breezy outdoor spaces that encourage visitors to immerse themselves in nature and feel at one with their surroundings.

About Caerula Mar Club and its Owners

Against such a backdrop, solar energy fits perfectly for the Caerula Mar Club. The resort is owned by Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, who gained fame starring in “House of Bryan” and “Bryan Inc.,” both reality renovation shows on HGTV in Canada. Bryan Baeumler owns the production company behind these programs, and HGTV launched a new show, “Island of Bryan” – also known in the U.S. as “Renovation Island,” to document the process of redeveloping the Caerula Mar Club resort.

The Baeumlers ultimately wanted a way to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability. Electricity was previously supplied by diesel generators and came at a high price point. To resolve this problem, the Baeumlers connected with Frankensolar, a leader in PV product distribution, design, engineering and project management.

“We designed and built a system that produces an estimated 137,000 kilowatt-hours annually,” said Peter Mueller, managing director with Frankensolar. “We are thrilled to contribute to the goal of building regenerative tourism and powering Caerula Mar Club to a sustainable and tranquil future.”

SMA Solutions Featured

Frankensolar selected the SMA Data Manager M to optimize communication, monitoring and control of the PV system. The Data Manager M is not only used to monitor the system, but it also has a Smartmeter connected to perform dynamic export control.

The industry leader also chose the SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 for its unmatched system performance, features and monitoring. ShadeFix optimization and superior online service support also ensured the inverters would reliably produce power for the life of the system. This was especially important because many islands also have instable and highly fluctuating grids. The CORE1 operates very reliably, giving the system owners peace of mind.

The project features Q-Cells Q.Peak DUO BLK 340W solar modules and pitched roof mounting materials from Schletter Group and Roof-Tech.

Commissioned in January 2021, the collective array features 85.76 kilowatts peak DC a 62.5 kW CORE1. This new solar power will enable the resort to flourish for years to come, with lower energy bills and attunement to nature—creating the perfect fit for this peaceful and biodiverse destination nestled in the Bahamas.

For amazing visuals of this project, make sure to take a video tour of the resort and check our photo gallery.

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