Solar Spotlight – Islas Secas: Unmatched Sustainable Tourism Model in Panama

Solar Spotlight – Islas Secas: Unmatched Sustainable Tourism Model in Panama

Sustainability and stewardship are noticeable in the facilities, infrastructure and operation of Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge, where visitors enjoy the timeless natural beauty and ecological abundance of Panama’s Pacific Coast. At this pristine location, the sun generates the energy and SMA inverters power the facilities.

Islas Secas has positioned itself as an exceptional model of sustainability in the region by following the best practices of environmental preservation. The custodians re-use 100 percent of the wastewater and recycle 100 percent of the food waste.

They also leverage an abundance of sunlight for 90 percent of their energy needs with a hybrid power plant designed by CivicSolar. With an estimated annual production of 500,000kWh, the solar structure powers all of the islands’ electrical systems throughout the year, including all appliances, lighting and air conditioning.

The 355kW PV system located next to the islands’ airstrip consists of 18 SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverters, 36 SMA Sunny Island battery inverters, 16 AGM battery banks, and 1,400 Jinko 270W Poly 60-Cell modules.

The micro-grid works with the solar array during the day while the batteries are charging. At nightfall, it switches off to run only on batteries. The system operates without interruption, noise and fumes.

When choosing the right partner for this innovative project design, CivicSolar selected SMA and its inverters due to the flexibility AC-coupled systems provide. “Additionally, the user interface, design software, and commissioning process were the best in the industry,” said Stuart Fox, director of Technical Sales at CivicSolar.

Are you planning your next vacation?  Enjoy our gallery of pictures courtesy of CivicSolar and Islas Secas Reserve and Lodge for some eco-friendly inspiration!

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