SMA Solar Academy Global Offerings Are Now Just a Click Away!

SMa Solar Academy logo and US Map/Flag

SMA is expanding its training program and presenting all available seminars and online classes on a new website:


As you know, change is a daily occurrence in the solar industry. Product innovations, new technology, and code reforms mean you cannot afford to be anything less than completely up-to-date. Failing to keep up means falling behind.

The SMA Solar Academy provides expertise, advanced training, and valuable information on the latest trends, developments, and topics in the field.

Our international team of experienced professionals provides a broad range of seminars and webinars that you will now be able to access online globally. Trainings will cover grid-tied and off-grid products, residential, commercial and utility systems, communication devices, code compliance, and installation and commissioning best practices.

How to register for U.S. Solar Academy Webinars?

Step 1: Visit the SMA Solar Academy website – directly or through the SMA America website- and click on “Courses”.  You will find the list of all trainings available worldwide.

Step 2: Select “English” and “Online”.  Click on the training you are interested in to access the individual registration page.

Note that you will be able to filter “In-Person” events by country.



Step 3: You will be prompted to register on an Eventbrite page, which will generate a confirmation email. Pay attention to that email and scroll down to the “Additional Information” section, which will contain a Webex link that you must click on to finish your registration process.

SMA Confirmation email

You will receive the usual confirmation email from Webex with the link to our webinar.

Take the time to further your education! Solar expertise is a great investment that your customers will appreciate. Visit our new SMA Solar Academy website and register for our trainings today!

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