Central Inverters Withstand Extreme Conditions

Dust collection on exterior of Sunny Central


SMA puts its inverters through the ringer to ready them for real-world locations. Sandstorms and enormous temperature swings are just a couple examples of the extreme conditions all components of outdoor-installed central inverters must endure. The worst imaginable weather is just one of the great risks that solar technology has to take into account because PV technology must be completely reliable and operationally secure, no matter the forecast. All components of an inverter, and especially its interior, need to be securely sealed to protect against the damaging effects brought on from desert storms and enormous temperature swings.

Engineered For Dust and Sand

This is why SMA subjected the Sunny Central CP to intensive testing in order to demonstrate that Sunny Central CP inverters, featuring the integrated OptiCool™ system, are engineered for outdoor use in conditions where dust and sand is prevalent in the ambient air.

The results from this testing provide conclusive performance data, recommendations for optimized installation, and ideas for the development of new products for specific locations and conditions.

Interior photo of Sunny Central after dust testing

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about the testing process and findings? Check out the white paper “PV Inverter Performance in Desert-Like Locations” at the SMA Resource Center. Available on our website, the resource center features product and industry insight from the world leader in solar inverter technology. SMA takes special pride in promoting renewable energy solutions at all levels through education, training and support for the general public and solar installers, and the SMA Resource Center is designed to provide you with the educational tools to further your solar knowledge.

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