SMA America New Headquarters for the Americas in Northern California

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More than 100 individuals were in attendance for the grand opening of SMA America new headquarters for the Americas in Northern California, specifically located in Rocklin. Local and global representatives from SMA Solar Technology alongside regional stakeholders held a ribbon cutting for the new SMA America headquarters, the Sunny Center building.

Jürgen Reinert, Chief Executive Officer joined the celebration noting that he is excited to see the building completed and in full operation.

Boris Wolff, Executive Vice President Global Sales, Service & Marketing, attended the event from the SMA Solar Technology headquarters in Germany. Wolff stressed the importance of the U.S. market and his confidence in the continued growth of the industry in the Americas region.

“SMA has always invested in product and service solutions that provide added-value to our customers,” said Wolff. “Our customers develop long-term relationships with our organization because of the service and innovation they consistently find working with our team. The new building has on-site monitoring labs that allow our team to elevate service and solve problems quickly.”

The building, located at 3925 Atherton Road in Rocklin, is named the “Sunny Center.” The company conducted a crowdsourcing campaign among employees to come up with the name. The top names were put to a vote and the team picked Sunny Center to reflect SMA’s products and culture.

The Sunny Center

The Sunny Center name nods to the SMA products and solutions that pave the way for a climate-friendly, decentralized energy supply of the future. The organization believes it is not enough to develop technologies for clean energy generation, but that it’s necessary to create these solutions in accordance with high environmental, social and governance standards. SMA Solar Technology has committed to the goals of environmentally friendly and resource-saving production using renewable energies as well as transparency and fairness in building business.

Rocklin Mayor Bill Halldin was excited to express the city’s commitment to economic and workforce development in the region.

“On behalf of the entire Rocklin City Council, I would like to extend my thanks to SMA America for its continued commitment to our community,” said Halldin. “We have been proud to have SMA America as an important part of our region since 2008 and greatly appreciate the company’s renewed commitment to Rocklin.”

Other notable attendees included Rocklin Vice Mayor Ken Broadway, Rocklin City Councilmember Jill Gayaldo, Rocklin Chamber of Commerce CEO Robin Trimble, Rocklin Assistant City Manager Sherri Conway, Amy and Paul Thomas with AP Thomas and Fred Dillenberger with the SMA Corporate Real Estate Team.

Watch the process of transformation of the building that is now the Sunny Center!

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