Paradise Energy Solar Carport Project Revs Up the Savings

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When the team at Turn 14 Distribution, a premium vehicle performance warehouse distributor with corporate headquarters in Horsham, Pennsylvania, wanted to install a solar project, it turned to the experts at Paradise Energy. Paradise Energy is a full-service solar installation company that provides turnkey, grid-tied solar installations throughout the mid-Atlantic region for businesses, farmers and homeowners.

Turn 14 was interested in building a solar carport to achieve two major benefits: environmental improvements and cost savings. Completed in May 2020, the project has a total size of 996.8 kilowatts and an estimated 1,125,000 kilowatt-hours. Impressively, the project offsets 102% of the power at the corporate headquarters. The project also offers a host of other benefits.

An open truss design was chosen specifically for the light and modern aesthetic.Horsham, Pennsylvania solar

“The carport serves a practical function beyond the mounting location for the panels,” said Charlie Allen, project manager with Paradise Energy Solutions. “It protects the vehicles from weather like snow, sun and ice, which is particularly important for the unique luxury cars the carport will protect.”

The Turn 14 carport project features 2,492 Jinko 400 solar panels and 14 SMA America Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverters. The inverters were selected for their flexibility of stringing, efficiency, and excellent ability to mitigate shade. Each of these features ensured the building process produced a structure that met Turn 14’s goals.

The project was captured on video throughout the process:

  1. Introduction Video
  1. First Progress Update
  1. Second Progress Video
  1. Last Update Video
  1. Completed Project Overview

Once the process was complete, Turn 14 not only had one of the largest carports in Pennsylvania but also one that fit its brand.

“Our goal was 100% carbon offset,” said Dave Dator, brand equity specialist with Turn 14. “We could not achieve that via the roof of our headquarters building because of the shape, so incorporating the parking lot was a strategic choice. It also felt like a perfect fit for the kind of business we run.”

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