Join SMA October 10 for a Webinar on Reducing Commercial PV Costs


On Tuesday, October 10, SMA will be hosting a Greentech Media webinar on how leading commercial PV integrators are finding new ways to achieve cost savings across both CAPEX and OPEX.

As the commercial PV market continues to experience significant growth year-over-year, increased competition necessitates constant cost reductions and challenges integrators who must find ways to build and maintain margins. The solution is a holistic approach to cost reduction which addresses factors affecting both CAPEX and OPEX.

Opportunities exist for integrators to reduce costs in commercial PV from a variety of sources. In this webinar, we’ll explore savings associated with those sources including:

  • The impact of effective system design and the importance of a robust DC:AC ratio.
  • How integrated inverter features can reduce costs on a variety of levels including transportation, logistical and labor savings.
  • New inverter mounting techniques that eliminate labor associated with assembly as well as racking costs.
  • How something as simple as wiring selection can deliver a significant reduction in BOS costs across an entire commercial PV system.
  • O&M strategies that incorporate new smart service solutions, offering a proactive approach that saves service professionals time and money while maximizing system owners’ ROI.
  • Field-serviceable components that bring additional savings versus traditional inverter replacement processes.

Join us by registering here!

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