A New Era in Power: The Promise of Virtual Power Plants

Matt Marxby Matt Marx (guest post), , 1 Comment

Distributed energy resources with storage are being aggregated and managed by SMA using ennexOS, the award-winning cross sector energy management platform. 

A New Era in Power: The Promise of Virtual Power Plants

Distributed renewable energy resources bring a variety of benefits to the electrical grid. However, they also increase complexity due to their intermittent nature. The addition of battery storage can help offset that intermittency while allowing system owners greater self-consumption of their onsite power generation.

But with this distributed network of renewable energy storage systems, how do utilities manage an effective flow of electricity throughout their network while maintaining price and grid stability?

The solution is the Virtual Power Plant enabled by SMA technology.

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  1. William Saylor
    William Saylor says:

    Matt, Good summary of what a VPP is. You probably know that this term, VPP, was originally used by Encorp in ~2000 and we actually started some VPPs at that time before the company floundered. Good luck with this concept and business line,

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