What Makes SMA Right for You?

You have decided to go solar. Great! Now you might be asking yourself; what are the components of a solar system? What does an inverter do? Why is it important? Which one is right for me? These are common questions and at SMA, we have the answers.

The SMA Power+ Solution for Your Home

As explained in this brochure, a solar panel collects photons emitted by sunlight. Solar panels collect those photons and generate energy from the sun. They send it to the inverter, which is the component that changes the electricity created by the solar panels from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC so the energy is usable in your home.


However, not all inverters are the same. Choosing the right one for your home system is extremely important.

Maximized inverter performance leads to more energy production and yields better returns for your solar project. In other words, the right inverter will generate greater lifetime savings on your utility bills.

SMA is the global leader in solar energy technology, and powers more homes than any other brand on the planet with the best residential solutions in the industry.

In fact, SMA was recently ranked the #1 provider of home energy monitoring and management solutions worldwide.

With SMA, homeowners benefit from superior reliability, a proactive service strategy and the ability to future-proof a home with flexible energy storage opportunities.

Watch this video to learn more about how SMA solutions provide homeowners peace of mind, investment security and maximum energy production for the life of their system.

  1. gerry kilgore
    gerry kilgore says:

    Looking of a inverter 240volt supply, will the SMA Tripower Model STP-50-us-41 do that? Want to do a 50kw 240 volts comming in . Call me at 770-352-4727 thanks

  2. Andrés García
    Andrés García says:

    Buen día:

    Cómo podría comprar inversores y traerlos a Guatemala, podrían darme el correo o contacto, gracias…

  3. Hugo de la rosa
    Hugo de la rosa says:


    I really admire the work and effort put into the SMA products, keep up the good work! Any chance this article will come out in spanish?

    Greetings from mexico

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