Three cheers for the Sunny Tripower

Part 3: More Profit

A well-designed solar system can show its value the moment the breakers are flipped. The Sunny Tripower TL-US inverters have been installed and the system is producing power, but solar systems are long-term investments that require consistent monitoring and maintenance. Only the best solar systems continue to show that value 10 years later and beyond.

A properly maintained solar system can increase yield up to 30 percent, greatly accelerating investment payback. Well-designed and executed commercial O&M plans can protect against lost profits through a host of essential services.

SMA's top-ranked service team is dedicated to keeping systems running at their peak.

SMA’s top-ranked service team is dedicated to keeping systems running at their peak.

Dedicated service

It’s all about return on investment. Getting the maximum ROI requires a watchful and proactive eye, most efficiently accomplished with remote monitoring. The SMA Solar Monitoring Center uses advanced, real-time systems to analyze performance, detect potential issues and resolve matters remotely or dispatch field service engineers to get systems back to full power quickly.

Downtime is lost money and issues such as module soiling, compromised wiring and shading caused by overgrowth can detract from a system’s production and bottom line. With SMA already the world’s largest servicer of solar inverters, we can further mitigate risk factors by addressing them before they impact PV system performance.

Call a lifeline

When the going gets tough, the SMA Service Line is ready to help. Whether it’s help with commissioning, communication systems or troubleshooting, our California-based Service Line experts are ready to support customers and get systems performing as expected.

Should a system need a new inverter, we keep downtime to a minimum by shipping a replacement as soon as possible, typically the same day the service call comes in. But we do more than just ship a replacement; we ship a replacement that contains the latest technology or we ship a newer model where technically feasible.

No manufacturer is more committed to the success of each plant using its technology. We understand the effort that goes into planning, constructing and commissioning a system and it’s our goal to keep it performing at its peak for the life of the system.

The first two installments

Missed the other two parts of our Three cheers for the Sunny Tripower series? Part 1 looked at how the Sunny Tripower makes more power and in Part 2 we took a dive into its design flexibility.

  1. Raman
    Raman says:

    Wanted to know if Sunny Tripower 30000 can be used with thin film modules if there is a transformer at the site…Thanks

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