Think you know the Sunny Boy TL-US? Think again

The Sunny Boy TL-US
The Sunny Boy TL-US: Forever Changing Residential Solar

The Sunny Boy TL-US with Secure Power Supply forever changed how the residential solar market looks at string inverters. This agile, flexible and increasingly powerful device does more than any other residential inverter.

It’s also the inverter for tomorrow’s smart grid with the ability to support dynamic and fixed grid support functions. Never before has one inverter done so much.

Secure Power Supply

The Sunny Boy TL-US still offers Secure Power Supply, the most affordable way to offer customers power during grid outages. Without the need for batteries, SPS turns a simple add-on into a world of opportunity for daytime grid losses to keep phones and computers charged, fridges running and so much more.

Maximum power production

SMA’s OptiTrac™ Global Peak is an exclusive, groundbreaking feature designed to mitigate shading on solar arrays. Been told sting inverters can’t perform in shaded areas? It’s time to think again.

Plus, its low start-up voltage (125 V) and wide MPP range (175 – 480 V) give installers incredible flexibility for designing the perfect system. With an operating temperature range of -40 to 140 F, that perfect system can be almost anywhere.

Flexible design and simple installation

Dual MPP trackers with two strings per channel make system design simple and efficient for complex roof orientations or arrays with partial shading. With its wide voltage window, module string lengths are more variable than ever before.

Simplified DC wiring inside the disconnect box and AC wiring with clamp terminals save installation time, reducing time on site and speeding up system commissioning. In addition, the inverter’s transformerless design means the two-man lift is gone; it only takes one person to put the 53-pound Sunny Boy TL-US to work.

Leading monitoring and communications

Webconnect is the most plug-and-play solar communication solution on the market today. Without the need for a dedicated data logger or additional external equipment, Webconnect is the ideal monitoring solution for the average homeowner. Whether that means looking for real-time production information, trends or being aware of system disruptions, Webconnect and Sunny Portal do it all.

  1. Ken Harn
    Ken Harn says:

    Non of your videos tell me anything. I need a OWNER’S MANUAL for the thing. The company that installed it went out of business (I guess, they simply disappeared one day) before turning on the equipment. I asked my electric company for instructions, but I’m not sure it’s operating. What does the big black nobe on the left side do? It’s showing “)”. in the video, the man just turns it with no explanation and never shows the setting.

  2. Osceola Energy
    Osceola Energy says:

    We love the idea of a secure power supply. It offers the dependability and affordability of a grid-tied system with the security and peace of mind to know that the system will still work when a power-outage occurs.

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