The Sunny Design Web Advantage: Access for All, Anytime, Anywhere

Since SMA released its free online version of Sunny Design, system designers have experienced the benefits. Sunny Design Web can be accessed on any standard web browser and is designed for any tablet, PC or Apple product.

Development for Greater Flexibility

Close to 60 million tablet PCs were sold worldwide in 2011 and market researchers expect that number to be twice as high for 2012.  Mobile Internet applications have been adopted by the masses, and now  PV system planning with Sunny Design Web has joined the club.

“This is an important development, especially for the U.S. market,” says Dr. Thomas Straub, SMA Project Manager. “We improved the user-friendliness of our design software. The interface has been redesigned to simplify data entry. Users can operate the program simply and reliably via touch, the same way as on on iPad.”

Users can skip the download process to get Sunny Design onto their PCs, and plant design can now be accomplished almost anywhere with an internet connection.  Plus, software updates happen automatically so users are always equipped with the latest version.

Focused on User-Friendliness 

Regardless of the size or manufacturer of the tablet, the intelligent Sunny Design software recognizes the hardware being used and will automatically adapt to the device’s format.

There are many benefits to using Sunny Design Web, especially for those who carry a mobile device or tablet with them to various job sites. Virtually limitless access is just one of the great benefits of the most recent version of Sunny Design.

To see what other features Sunny Design Web can offer, register for a  free account HERE.

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