The Next Frontier: Clean Energy Creates American Jobs

With positive job growth reports providing a dose of much-needed optimism for the U.S. economy, Americans can give partial thanks to solar, wind and other types of renewable for adding more than 37,000 American jobs in Q2.

The clean energy sector is generating good economic news lately, as evidenced through stories and statistics like the ones shared in this recent blog post from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). According to the author, the entrepreneurial, pioneering American spirit is alive and well in the clean energy sector. From small businesses to large corporations, clean energy companies are responsible for creating tens of thousands of American jobs—jobs that are helping to fuel economic recovery.

SMA Has Added Jobs

Fortunately, SMA is part of this progress. In the last three years SMA America has added hundreds of jobs to its Northern California headquarters and its Denver production facility. SMA America is proud to bring essential jobs to the U.S. economy and to support solar growth nationwide.

We believe that solar is an integral part of this country’s future, and we remain committed to helping the industry thrive however we can.

Click here to view current job openings at SMA. For more on the clean energy jobs report, visit

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