Tech Tip: Sunny Explorer Basic Overview

Tech Tip: Sunny Explorer Basic Overview

With a Speedwire-enabled inverter from SMA, all you need for access to key PV plant data is to connect an Ethernet cable from your computer to the inverter and start Sunny Explorer. In this Tech Tip video, the Solar Academy walks you through a basic overview of Sunny Explorer, including how to use this free software for fast and efficient system commissioning and parameter changes.

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  1. Raymond Dunkley
    Raymond Dunkley says:

    I need to return a 20kva 3phase sonny inverter to sma . I need information and documents so that the inverter can be ship to repair service. My location is Jamaica in the West Indies. Thanks.

  2. Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali says:

    Thank you sir, but should i have to a power control module to adjust the power factor ???, my inverter is stp 15000 TL-30

  3. Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali says:

    Hi have installed inverter sunny 15k and i want to change the power factor to 0.92 over ex the power factor now is unity how to change it through sunny explorer please

  4. Andrew Henderson
    Andrew Henderson says:

    Have forgotten my password. How do I reset my password on my smart phone, to view my (1.5 Sunny Boy) inverter settings?


    I have a question about model SB3.0.ISP.US-40 This unit is hooked up parallel with the grid. My question is: does this unit has the capability to function as a stand alone unit, in case the grid goes down??? Does it has it’s own inverter to provide the sine signal to follow or is another inverter required to provide the sine signal?

  6. Christopher Green
    Christopher Green says:

    I’ve tried to get help for TWO weeks. I have installed a sunny boy 7.0 and have not been able to get anything done as far as converting to the ac side. I am getting dc voltage of 40-45 but nothing on the ac side. i am receiving a green light in the first 90 seconds, but all lights turn out after that. Am I to commission it first?

  7. Roger Brealey
    Roger Brealey says:

    Hi, until a few weeks ago I had been running Sunny Explorer successfully on Windows 10 PC.
    I had originally installed SE on a Windows 7 PC, and did the free upgrade to Windows 10.
    In the past few weeks a significant update to windows 10 has occurred causing many if not all Bluetooth
    installations to crash. I have read that SE is not compatible with windows 10. Surely if SMA says that they are world No1, then the rectification or urgent development of the Windows 10 version of SE should be undertaken.
    I am using Toshiba Bluetooth Stack to drive the B/Tooth and SE version 1.07.27. I think i had originally installed 1.07.23 on Windows 7 and working on 10. I downloaded 1.07.27 in the hope that the issue would be resolved.

  8. John
    John says:

    I have a basic TL4000US residential inverter installed. What do I need to add to it to make the Sunny Explorer work? Also, what is needed to send that data to my local network router so I can view data remotely?

  9. Marc Fontana
    Marc Fontana says:

    Does Sunny Explorer work with the newer SB 5.0-US and 6.0-US Inverters? These new inverters have integrated WiFi and I believe are accessible directly through a browser using a WiFi enabled mobile device.

  10. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    I tried the tip given by Mr Mahon on the Sunny Explorer software. Got through SMA America and went to “Products.” The only items available for download were users manuals. Here’s the link to where my confusion is.

    Also, suggest the tech not go so quickly through this phase of the training. If you can’t get the sw, the rest of the video is interesting, but useless. — Kevin

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