Tech Tip: SMA Sunny Island Smartformer

Tech Tip: Smartformer for Sunny Island

The Smartformer for Sunny Island is a 120 V/240 V autoformer that’s ideally configured for AC-coupled systems using a Sunny Island and a Sunny Boy. Getting it ready for commissioning is a simple, straight-forward process.

In this Tech Tip, Solar Academy trainer Greg Smith demonstrates how to connect each of the components in a typical grid-tied or off-grid AC-coupled system using an SMA Smartformer.

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  1. Maner pierre
    Maner pierre says:

    Hi,I have a question
    I have 2 sunny islande 6000 watt,can I make a connection In parallel With both sunny island and using a smartformer For out 240 volts,it’s correct
    Please let me know,thank you

  2. Uttam Chauhan
    Uttam Chauhan says:

    I am in a process of setting up SMA Island two units with Island Smartformer. I have few question.

    1. Does Smartformer comes with miniature breakers needed to connect to PV, Island, and Grid side?
    2. Does Smartformer automatically disconnect grid until grid comes back (Utility requirement of not feeding back the power to the grid when Gird is cut off? Or anything other switch is required to complete connection to the grid? Any support document for the Utility to show that that requirement is fulfilled?
    3. What else I will need to connect SMA Inverter, SMA Island, Smartformer in terms of data communication or setting up / commissioning? Will ony Web box work to connect all these three or need other cards?


  3. Abdullah
    Abdullah says:

    I’ve got a project in which I have an SMA 25000TL-30 Inverter (3-Phase, 400 V). Could you please help and guide me regarding how to connect a battery bank for when the grid goes down.

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