Tech Tip: SMA Energy System Part II – Commissioning of the SMA Sunny Boy Storage-US

Sunny Boy Storage - Commissioning

In part one of this blog post series we walked you through the installation process of the SMA Sunny Boy Storage. In this second post, our Solar Academy Trainer Mike Mahon guides you through the commissioning of the new Sunny Boy Storage grid-tied battery inverter.

SMA Energy System Part 2: Commissioning of Sunny Boy Storage

The new Sunny Boy Storage grid-tied battery inverter, the keystone of the SMA Energy System, can be commissioned quickly and easily via a smartphone, tablet or PC in a few steps thanks to the built-in user interface of the inverter and the BYD Battery Box HV.

Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to install the SMA Sunny Boy Storage.

For more information on the SMA Energy System, check out our recent two-part series:

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Part 2: Keep the Lights On with the SMA Energy System

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