Tech Tip: Installing the Sunny Boy 5.0-US/6.0-US

Tech Tip: Installing the Sunny Boy 5.0-US/6.0-US

The newest member of the Sunny Boy family is also the easiest to install. Watch as the SMA Solar Academy’s Mike Mahon walks you through the installation procedure for this next-generation, transformerless residential inverter, from mounting to wiring.

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  1. Timothy Bell
    Timothy Bell says:

    I am trying to install a Sunny Boy 3.0 and have a question about the mounting.
    The instructions say to mount on a “solid surface” because if I mount it on “drywall or similar material” then it could “emit audible vibrations which could be perceived as annoying.”
    I would like to mount it on the side of my (1920’s) house which has wooden shingles over who knows what (probably 1/2″ – 3/4″ plywood).
    Will such a heavy duty exterior wall generate the annoying noise?
    If so, I was thinking about mounting a 3/4″ painted plywood panel (same size as the full inverter) on the wall and then mount the inverter to the panel. Would that work?

    Other thoughts or help?

  2. Edwin
    Edwin says:

    I have 6 solar panel 345w at 24V. Isc 9.43. In the other input
    can i install different solar panel.
    they sold out,the one I have.

  3. Tim O
    Tim O says:

    I just recently installed the SB. 5.0 US as part of my home system and though I am not a professional found it relatively easy with the help of the manual and the SMA video. My array consists of 12 Canadian Solar 275W panels purchased as a package with the racking and inverter. All 12 are on 1 string. I would have gone larger but the local utility limits size based on previous power consumption. i was a victim of my own energy frugality. I am proceeding to replace all natural gas appliances with electric and plan on expanding the system as soon as I can justify it to the utility. They are in possession of 2 ageing, badly designed nuclear plants that aren’t paid for yet and are not eager to lose my contribution 🙂

    My question concerns the use of the 3 MPPT inputs. Currently, 1 string of 12 panels go into input A. If I understand correctly, I can use any number of panels of any size or brand so long as they are all the same on each individual string and that they do not exceed the voltage/power limits per string as listed in the specs. I am not planning to put any in parallel as is allowed on A and B, just three independent strings on A, B and C.

    Thank you for your time and the great support.

    Tim O

  4. Dakota Potenza
    Dakota Potenza says:

    Can you speed wire from a webconnect DM in a TL-22 to a 6.0 comm board, then use the WLAN on the 6.0 to connect to the internet to see both inverters on the portal?

  5. Brandi
    Brandi says:

    I really like the sleekness and ease of installation for the Sunny Boy 5.0/6.0-US. Great video for DIY installers, I’ll be sure to share this with people interested in going with SMA.

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