Tech Tip: Installing the SMA Cluster Controller

Tech Tip: Installing the SMA Cluster Controller

SMA’s Cluster Controller is a data logging and plant management device that can handle up to 75 inverters. Don’t let that impressive statistic scare you away; the Cluster Controller is easy to install and commission, as Solar Academy’s Mike Mahon demonstrates in our latest Tech Tip.

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  1. Oudaya
    Oudaya says:

    I connected SMA cluster controller to Sunny boy SMA 2.5 but it cannot transfer data and show in the display of Cluster controller. Do I need to change or set any parameters?

  2. Brian
    Brian says:

    Hi, good day. we have about 10 STP-25000TL-30 installed around our campus. we are planning to integrate them to our local network using VLAN for monitoring purposes. is it possible to connect the inverters via webconnect module to a manageable network switch? thank you.

  3. Jason
    Jason says:

    The video says “for use with more than 4 inverters”.
    If three of those were Sunny Tripower 20000-US models, could you then use 2 Sunny Island 6048s at 240V, or would it have to be three SIs (at 120v?)
    Is 208V an option with the SIs?
    This would be using a transformer to bring the Tripowers 480/277 down to 3 lines of 120 or 240.


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