Tech Tip: Activating SMA Smart Connected and How It Works

SMA Smart Connected is a fully-automated functionality that is included in our Sunny Boy-US inverter series and provides active system monitoring at all times.  

This new feature saves installers time and money while maximizing power production for system owners. No other solar solutions provider can offer this level of investment security, making SMA the ideal partner for residential PV.

Watch this Tech Tip to learn how SMA Smart Connected works and how you can activate automatic inverter monitoring.

Tech Tip: SMA Smart Connected
  1. Raul E. Fernandez
    Raul E. Fernandez says:

    Hello. I have 2 x Sunny Boy 5.0-US, but the registration was done by the solar company – I didn’t have the chance to register for SMA smart connected. How do I add that to my account? Please advise. Thanks.

  2. Jim Smith
    Jim Smith says:

    I have two Sunny Boy inverters on a system from Sungevity. They were providing monitoring services until their bankruptcy. Is there a way that I can get SMA Smart Connected monitoring for them?

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