Support at Your Fingertips: Download the SMA Service Mobile App for a Better Experience Onsite

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SMA Service APP

With the SMA Service Mobile App, installers are empowered with an extensive support guide designed to make installation and servicing fast and easy. SMA’s free Service App includes documentation for SMA products, quick fault analysis and reliable repair guidance—online and offline. 

One robust feature is the intuitive fault analysis tool. After entering an error code, installers will be given recommendations and solutions to troubleshoot the problem. This feature reliably guides installers step-by-step through the process of replacing inverter components, allowing them to make repairs quickly and without any problems. Upon request, the exact location of an affected assembly can be displayed beforehand as well.

Installers using the app are already benefitting from:

  • A library of support resources and technical documentation
  • SMA’s fault analysis tool, which makes identification of system events fast and easy
  • Quick resolution of challenges in the field, so installers can focus on other revenue generating activities

Download the SMA Service App today and see for yourself!

Available in Apple Store    Available in Google Play Store




  1. Clarence
    Clarence says:

    I have the same problem, They just replaced my invertor, but instead of giving me the cover from the new unit, they said that they had to keep the new cover and I had to keep my old cover, which I can’t read anything. ..then they said I had to contact SMA… 🙁

  2. Michael Javaux
    Michael Javaux says:

    I had my SMA inverter replace, the new one is SB6.0-1SP-US-41. My old inverter gave me a total daily output this new one does not. I would like to see that daily total, it gives me a heads up for time to clean the panels. How can I get the Daily Total?

  3. Edwin
    Edwin says:

    Electr. Arc detected- check DC Generator appears on the screen but I’ve checked everything & replaced all of DC wiring. Still getting this on the screen? Any help?

  4. Kailash Gupta
    Kailash Gupta says:

    I have Sunny Boy installed for last 8 years at 18524 Crestmount Road, Boyds, MD 20841. However, I should be receiving solar coins. But today I have received no coins. Can you please advise me as to what is missing.

    Modules: Sharp USA NU-U235F3
    Communication: Sunny WebBox
    Inverter: Sunny Boy 7000US

    Thank you.

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