SMA Sunny Centrals Power Springbok Solar Farms

The California solar industry recently wrapped up a groundbreaking 2016 thanks to a number of major projects, including the much anticipated and recently commissioned 155 MW Springbok 2 Solar Farm in Kern County, just north of Los Angeles, California – a project that uses SMA inverters.


Sunny Central 2200-US/Photo courtesy of Swinerton Renewable Energy

Springbok 2 joins the Springbok 1 Solar Farm, a 105 MW project that was commissioned in early 2016. The solar farms will help Los Angeles meet its renewable energy targets, and combined, they are projected to supply clean power to more than 110,000 homes in Southern California for power offtake partner Southern California Public Power Authority.

Swinerton Renewable Energy, which constructed the project on behalf of 8minutenergy and D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments, chose SMA inverters for both projects. Together, they use a total of 129 SMA Sunny Central 2200-US inverters. Sunny Centrals allow for more efficient power plant design and high power density, and provide easy integration. We are glad to be part of this project!


Aerial view of Springbok 2 Solar Farm/Photo courtesy of Swinerton Renewable Energy

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