Solve the Challenges of Service Calls With SMA Smart Connected

What if an inverter was smart enough to monitor its own vitals, know when something irregular might be happening and call for help all on its own? Now our Sunny Boy-US residential line of inverters can, reducing service costs for installers while improving security for system owners. 

Lengthy service calls and a reactive warranty process can lead to frustrated system owners, inundated installers and delays that negatively impact the bottom line. That’s why we’re excited to share that SMA Smart Connected is coming soon to proactively save installers time and money while maximizing power production for system owners.

Sunny Boy 3.0–5.0 with SMA Smart Connected

SMA Smart Connected is a new service package that is built into our Sunny Boy inverters and can be activated through a simply process in the Sunny Portal monitoring system. The solution will detect system problems earlier, initiate the repair and replacement process if necessary, help avoid downtime and turn service interactions into positive experiences for installers and system owners. Decreased time spent troubleshooting service calls gives installers the opportunity to focus on other tasks like generating new business and completing new installations.

The inverter is the most critical part of the PV system. SMA Smart Connected allows the system to be monitored by the team that knows the most about the inverter and can help ensure the greatest return on investment. Watch the SMA Smart Connected video and stay tuned for additional announcements about this new solution!

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