Solar Power Shreds Carbon Pollution at Coconut Processing Facility in Guyana

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Solar Power Shreds Carbon Pollution at Coconut Processing Facility in Guyana

On the banks of the tropical Pomeron River in Guyana sits the Pomeroon Oil coconut processing facility. Historically, the facility ran on 227 liters of diesel fuel daily. Now, solar panels harvest the sun’s energy to power the facility. The environmental impact is the equivalent to 6 acres of forest planted per day, creating perfect cyclical harmony for a location that processes fruit.

SMA America and Green Power Solutions partnered on the 125 KWP off-grid solar system. Installed by Green Power Solutions Inc., the project creates 184 MWh of electric energy per year, saving an estimated 565,000 liters of fuel annually. This means that, in just six years, the system will fully recover the cost of the investment.

For the two companies, combining forces was a natural partnership. Green Power Solutions is a leading supplier of environmentally friendly energy solutions for homes and businesses looking for full-service, renewable energy. That focus was a perfect fit with SMA.

 “After doing extensive research, we selected SMA products because they met our list of criteria: quality, reliability, service, warranty, features, monitoring and price,” said Darren Ramdial, CEO of Green Power Solutions Inc. “We understand that the ROI on any PV project depends on the quality of equipment used, so it was important for us to go with a high-quality product.”

The Pomeron Trading system includes the following components:

The modernized system is expected to last in excess of 25 years. During that time, the processing facility will run exclusively on renewable power.

“Green Power Solutions is delighted to have been a part of this project,” said Ramdial. “When we started, this was our goal; to modernize the way we do renewable energy in Guyana and to take our country in a green direction.”

Visit our gallery to enjoy photos of this project!

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