SMA’s New and Improved Power+ Solution: The New Speed of Solar

Fewer components, advanced communication interface and simple commissioning make the new and improved Power+ Solution the fastest, simplest and most cost effective residential PV system to install.  Join us at a stop on The New Speed of Solar Tour for hands-on training.

An already great residential system just got better.

SMA’s next-generation Power+ Solution is everything you were asking for!

It now features fewer components and will help you do your job faster and easier.

A highly integrated inverter drives a significant reduction in the number of components helping speeding the installation and commissioning, as well as the order, stock and logistics processes.

Its advanced grid functions make it simple and fast to comply with CA Electric Rule 21 through SMA’s web user interface. It also features a MLPE component and it is storage-ready.

The cherry on top of the ice cream? It is cost-effective too!

With a simple software update and no changes in the inverter hardware, this solution is compatible with existing Sunny Boy inventory. In addition, the Cloud Connect Advance functionality integrated into the inverter firmware will help you reduce labor and balance costs.

The new and improved Power+ Solution is redefining optimization bringing simplicity, faster installation and superior service.

The New Speed of Solar Tour 2018

Are you looking to get a closer look and connect with SMA in person?

We are getting ready to hit the road on The New Speed of Solar Tour! The SMA Solar Academy will by providing hands-on training so see the schedule and look for a stop near you!

  1. Cathy Campo
    Cathy Campo says:

    How does an existing residential PV user “upgrade” their current Sunny Boy inverter with this technology? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

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