Smaller, lighter and better than before—the redesigned ReadyRack™

SMA’s ReadyRack™ forever changed commercial rooftops by creating an all-in-one inverter, rack and disconnect solution for immediate rooftop placement and system connection. Now in its second generation, the improved ReadyRack features a smaller footprint, lighter per-unit weight, and reduced cost, making it an even more versatile solution for today’s crowded commercial rooftops.

 Fast and fully integrated

Available with each power class of the Sunny Tripower TL-US family, the ReadyRack allows for an increasingly fast installation time once onsite. It arrives with pre-installed balance-of-system components, including an inverter; AC disconnect; SMA Connection Unit (an eight-string combiner with DC disconnect); cables; and complete ground bonding of all components. Each unit also arrives with pre-installed EPDM foot pads for placement directly on the roof with no additional piers or blocks needed.

This reduction in time spent wiring each of the components in the field, and subsequent labor costs, make for faster and more efficient installs with a reduced risk of costly installation errors. Its name says it all—the ReadyRack is ready to be installed within minutes on flat commercial rooftops.

Quick and easy compliance

Commercial systems using the ReadyRack have another advantage over traditional inverter mounting: ReadyRack units can be easily placed within 10 feet of the array, fulfilling 2014 NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements. As more jurisdictions enforce this code cycle, achieving compliance will present an opportunity for installers to distance themselves from their competition by incorporating time-saving solutions like the ReadyRack.

The ReadyRack is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and features stainless-steel mounting hardware to ensure it meets the quality standards installers have come to expect from SMA. Visit our website to learn more about the SMA ReadyRack, including where to buy.

  1. Devavrath
    Devavrath says:


    Can this ready rack be installed on sloped roofs? if yes, what is the maximum slope at which ready rack can be installed at?

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