SMA, Top Rated O&M Vendor in North America

SMA is the top O&M supplier in North America in the inverter-based provider category.

Don’t just take our word for it.

GTM Research and SOLICHAMBA have collaborated to release the 2017 edition of the solar industry’s only comprehensive analysis on global solar PV O&M services, markets, and competitors.

Not only did SMA ranked as the No.1 O&M vendor in North America in the inverter manufacturer category, SMA also moved up a spot from the 2016 global ranking to earn the No. 2 global ranking position in 2017.

Across the entire market, SMA is the No. 7 O&M vendor globally. The company ranks fourth in the industrial segment (system size 1 to 5 MW), and No. 5 in the utility segment (system size more than 5 MW), moving up from eighth in 2016.

In North America and in the U.S., SMA is the No. 6 O&M vendor across the market and No. 5 in the utility segment.

Despite intense competition around the globe, SMA has set a high standard for the industry with plant-wide full-service offerings, covering everything from monitoring to complete operational management of PV power plants. The company also offers scalable O&M solutions that can be tailored for individual customer needs, ensuring optimum plant yields that secure our customers’ investments all over the globe.


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