SMA Solutions Recognized in North American Clean Energy’s 2023 Solar Buyers Guide

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Two SMA Solutions Recognized in North American Clean Energy's 2023 Solar Buyers Guide

Two SMA solutions were recognized in North American Clean Energy’s 2023 Solar Buyers Guide. This annual feature identifies the newest, most innovative products on the market and those leading the progress of the renewable market.

The new Sunny Boy Smart Energy hybrid inverter was showcased as a strategic residential solution that provides flexible design and functional storage options, while being recognized as a superior choice for homeowners to enter the renewable marketplace with a sound, affordable and efficient system. With plans to come to market in mid-2023, this game-changing inverter will serve as the cornerstone of the SMA Energy System Home and continue to propel SMA as a leader within the industry. Visit our website and make sure to sign up to get the newest updates as this exciting future draws closer.

The second SMA solution recognized in North American Clean Energy’s 2023 Solar Buyers Guide is the Sunny Tripower X, the latest in commercial solar energy generation and the new centerpiece of the proven SMA Energy System Business. As a comprehensive solution, the integrated System Manager enables complete energy management from one platform while combining state-of-the-art technology all from one device. This streamlined design ensures small to medium-sized businesses can accommodate all energy management and needs, today and in the future. Sign up now to receive updates on this upcoming product first!

North American Clean Energy magazine is at the forefront of the latest from the renewable energy sector, providing coverage on new developments in the solar, wind, and energy storage industries.

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