SMA Smart Technology Powers One of the Largest Power Plants in South America

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SMA Sunny Central

The Ituverava solar park is located in Tabocas do Brejo, Brazil, and is one of the largest PV plants in the South America. Recognized repeatedly for its efficiency, the array uses the SMA America Sunny Central UP and PV plant controllers.

In January, the park was nationally recognized by a private renewable energy firm for smart planning and using innovative tools to monitor real-time energy production in Ituverava. The monitoring system intelligently issues warnings whenever inefficiencies or operational interruptions impact energy production.

The Ituverava solar park uses 98 SMA Sunny Central SC2200 inverters with a medium-voltage block along with the SMA Power Plant Controller, which controls all photovoltaic energy in the megawatt range. The SMA controller is suitable for both photovoltaic plants with central inverters and those using decentralized string inverters.

“We are very proud to have these solutions at the Ituverava plant,” said André Gellers, country manager of SMA Brazil. “We firmly believe in the growth potential of photovoltaic energy in Brazil as a tool to diversify the energy matrix with cleaner and more sustainable solutions.”

The Ituverava solar park was built by Enel Green Power Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary for renewable energies of the Enel Group. With approximately 573 hectares and more than 800,000 installed solar panels, the solar park has an installed capacity of 254-megawatt peak and an annual energy production of 500 gigawatt hours. That capacity provides enough energy to meet the annual consumption demand of more than 268,000 Brazilian households and cuts more than 185,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

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