SMA Receives Green Business Award for Best Solar Product

In Sacramento, California, “going green” has become the norm thanks to the example set by companies across the region. To acknowledge the great efforts of these notable organizations, the Sacramento Business Journal developed an awards program to recognize green leadership.

Best Solar Product

Out of hundreds of entries, SMA was recognized last Friday alongside other regional green leaders, receiving a Green Business Award.

SMA was noted for its leading solar technology and for developing products that address our energy challenges in a socially responsible way. The very core of SMA’s business revolves around innovation and leadership in green technology, so this is a great honor as SMA continues to advance this mission in the capital of solar’s largest state market.

Product Innovations

With numerous new products and services slated to arrive in 2013, SMA continues to develop the highest quality, most efficient inverters for the solar market, and its innovative technology and diverse solutions fit installations of all sizes – from homes and businesses to large-scale power plants.

SMA is grateful for the recognition and plans to lead the green trail for years to come!

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