SMA OPTIM: New Name, Same Superior Operations and Maintenance Service

SMA is a top ranked O&M provider and manages a portfolio of more than 3.5 GW under contract globally. Now our solution for comprehensive operations and maintenance of commercial and utility PV power plants has a new name: SMA OPTIM.

With our world-class, plant-wide O&M services for commercial, utility and storage systems, SMA is uniquely positioned to help you achieve greater returns faster and ensure maximum system uptime. With our new name and identity, the uniqueness of our capabilities is more unmistakable than ever.

Unmatched Plant-Wide PV & Storage Experience

With more than 35 years of experience and 65+ GW installed around the world, you can benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained supporting thousands of commercial, utility and storage projects. By managing maintenance schedules, coordinating logistics, tracking warranty claims, reporting financial information we have the ability to help you save time, and maximizing your ROI.

Advanced Inspection & Thermal Imaging Capabilities

Only the most comprehensive inspection and thermal imaging services are performed by SMA OPTIM professionals who are certified by the ASNT (American Society of Non-Destructive Testing) to ensure that nothing compromises the integrity of your PV investment.

SMA Aerial Thermography by our team of FAA-certified experts is so precise it can detect issues down to the cell level, significantly decreasing the time spent identifying and diagnosing problems and allowing us to address issues in a timely manner, keeping your profitability on track.

Paramount Investment Security with 24/7 Remote Monitoring

Our unique NERC/CIP-compliant Solar Monitoring Centers ensure that cybersecurity is at the forefront of our efforts. Our team of PV experts analyzes plant performance, detects potential issues, and resolves matters remotely or dispatches field service engineers to get your system back on track quickly.

Scalable O&M Plans to Suit any Business Model

With our ability to address both commercial and utility-scale O&M, our clients can choose from several OPTIM plans.  SMA OPTIM also includes individual services that can be flexibly integrated based on customer unique requirements.

Watch this video and learn more about SMA OPTIM, and if you are ready to take your Operations and Maintenance plan to an optimal level, contact us!

  1. Ramon Reina
    Ramon Reina says:

    Hello, we are installing 2 commercial 600kWp PV plants in Mexico. Do you provide O&M service SMA Optim there? If so, please, put me in contact with the suitable person for a quotation.

    Thank you

  2. Surendra Somasiri
    Surendra Somasiri says:

    I have a 10 kw system. But when I view on line it does not work properly. 1 or 2 hours it gets offline.

  3. lyle fryers
    lyle fryers says:

    I have a solar system with 2 sunny boy 7000us one has a problem and I can,t find any one to fix it . I live in michigan can you help thanks Lyle

  4. Yolanda A OConnor
    Yolanda A OConnor says:

    We purchased solar panels about 3 years ago…we would like to install app on our mobile device to keep track of our usage and how much we energy we are generating….not sure which app to install and the information I will need. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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