SMA micro inverters approved for integrated ground

The Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverters have been approved for installation without a copper grounding wire or grounding washers, per Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Eliminating the need for additional grounding removes labor and equipment expenses, making the Sunny Boy 240-US an even better solution for micro inverter systems.

The enclosure of each micro is grounded through the integrated Equipment Grounding Conductor in the micro inverter’s AC cable, making a separate equipment ground conductor or ground bonding device unneeded for grounding the micro bodies. The Sunny Boy 240-US AC cables are daisy-chained between the individual micro inverters, allowing for optimal design flexibility and wire management.

The integrated electrical grounding has been certified to UL 1741, Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment for Use with Distributed Energy Resources. Official documentation can be found on the Sunny Boy 240-US product page within the downloads tab.

  1. CF
    CF says:

    So, does this approval cover all SB240-US micro inverters or only those manufactured after a certain date? I have some NOS SB240s with a manufacture date of 07-23-2013 that I am planning to install soon. So, I no longer need to use the included grounding lugs when attaching the micro inverters to the ground mount racking rails (AHJ depending)?

  2. Jere Aarnio
    Jere Aarnio says:

    Hello! Good news also for our forthcoming installations! I’ve already ordered some inverters and DC plugs, and now I have “stupid” question about their connection. Multigate manual says: Tip for correct assignment, the DC plug is marked with + and -. Does this refer to markings in the connector (inverter) end of the plug? Also the short cable end connectors have markings that are just opposite to the markings in the inverter end of the plug. With correct answer, we get right cables between the panels and DC plugs right away.

  3. Greg Smith
    Greg Smith says:

    This is super cool! So long, copper wire EGC running through each micro grounding clamp. Adios WEEBs underneath each micro. (AHJ permitting, of course)

    You will still need to ground the rails like we’ve always done, but this should speed up install times.

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