SMA is Here to Help with Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Since Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast a few weeks ago, SMA’s thoughts have been with the victims in the northeastern U.S. While the storm may have passed, the devastation that Sandy left behind will continue to distress victims for several weeks and even months.

Some of the individuals affected by the hurricane were SMA customers who relied on solar for at least part of their power supply. Along with damage to homes and businesses, many SMA customers saw their solar PV systems damaged beyond repair, including their Sunny Central inverters.

To help, SMA is offering free commissioning of replacement inverters for those struck by the disastrous storm.

Our hearts go out to those who experienced this devastation, and we wish everyone in the northeast a speedy recovery and strength during the rebuilding process.

  1. Scott Nagelberg
    Scott Nagelberg says:

    I am a Sunny Pro, is there anything not listed in the article SMA is doing, such as a discounted rate on new Sunny Boys. Many of the people who I am attempting to service, have inverters just outside the warranty range. Your older SBU 2500 took a beating with the surges from Not Just a Hurricane Sandy. I have many to replace but like i said, most LIers aren’t rich. SAy hi to Michelle, Greg, and Ben for me. I hope to hear from you soon.

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