SMA Inverters Powering First Shopping Mall in Mexico to Use 100 Percent Renewable Energy

The Plaza Arcos Campestre is Mexico’s first shopping center to use renewables for all of its energy needs. The project, located in the city of Aguascalientes in North-Central Mexico, uses six SMA Sunny Tripower 170000 TL inverters and is part of a distributed energy trend in the country.

The Latin American market is expected to continue growing exponentially. Mexico, projected to experience the largest share of this growth, is already on track to meet its 2024 goal of having 35 percent of all power generation come from clean sources. With declining installation costs and rising electricity tariffs for a growing segment of customers, solar energy is quickly becoming the best option for homes and businesses across Mexico.

The 117 kWp shopping center project, installed by Top Energy for offtaker Energía Real, went live in the summer and uses 362 GCL Poly 325-watt 72 cell panels across nearly 9,700 square feet. Citing the importance of this historic project, Top Energy chose SMA inverters for their quality and reliability.

Commercial Project Aguascalientes Inverter

SMA is proud to be involved in this project equipping Mexico’s first shopping center that is 100 percent powered by renewable energy. With a local SMA office expected to open in Mexico in time for 2018, SMA is looking forward to provide even better sales and service support to accounts across the region.

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  1. Ernesto Gurria
    Ernesto Gurria says:

    Hola, represento una empresa mexicana dedicada a la rama de la construcción, actualmente estamos interesados en invertir en el negocio de la energía solar, me gustaría poder charlar con ustedes.

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