SMA Has You Covered: Introducing New Extended Warranty

SMA has built a reputation for manufacturing world-class inverters that are trustworthy and reliable, and most SMA inverters come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. While customers have come to rely upon the quality products and superior service that SMA America provides, a little extra assurance always helps. With this in mind, SMA has introduced new 5- and 10-year extended warranties. Customers now have more options than ever at a reduced price! 

The new SMA warranty program offers the following advantages:

  • Same Day Replacement Device
  • Coordinated Shipping
  • Service Line Expert Technical Advice
  • SMA Service Rebate (optional)

But with the new extended 5- and 10-year warranties, SMA customers can obtain even more flexibility and peace of mind. The extended warranty can be purchased anytime during the factory warranty period and can be extended for up to 20 years. 

Learn more about the SMA Extended Warranty Program and download the full PDF or visit the SMA America website.


  1. Sachin agarwal
    Sachin agarwal says:

    Hi SMA team, I have 63 SMA 17KW STP 17000TL installed in 2012 in India. I need a warranty extension for these inverters. SMA India is saying warranty cannot be extended now Please help.

  2. Ken Mariscotti
    Ken Mariscotti says:

    I have a SB 7000US, serial no. 2001236511, with a manufacture date of 04/2010.
    The inverter seems to be under performing, I removed the front cover to discover that one of the electrical components within in the inverter has experienced a sort of melt down.
    Could you let me know if my warranty is still valid and provide me with a link or an email that I can send some photos over for SMA’s review concerning the melted component.
    Thank you

  3. Li
    Li says:

    Hi, is this warranty available in the US market and if so how much is the approximate cost for SB 6, five and 10 year extension?

  4. Sam
    Sam says:

    I obtained a brand new SMC10000 TL-10 inverter ( Germany )my question is :can it be easily reconfigured to for use in America ? Or have I just acquired an expensive objet d’art ?
    Actually it’s for use in Mexico.

  5. David E. Loberg
    David E. Loberg says:

    My Sunny Boy inverter was installed less than ten years ago, and it is now showing the message that the GDFI Fuse is open. My repair person asked that I find out if the warranty is still good. It is a model SB 4000US and the serial number is #2000438052. Date of manufacture:4/2008. Can you help me or tell me how to access the warranty information. I can be reached at 707-287-****.

  6. James Kampmann
    James Kampmann says:

    I have two Sunny Boy inverters that were installed in 2003 , the company that put the system in has gone out of business, I am looking for some one who can inspect and repair or replace the inverters if they are no longer working. I have had several companies come out and want to replace the entire system. I am not really buying THAT IS THE PROBLEM, JUST A SALES PITCH. If you could put me in contact with a repairman in the Sacramento/Roseville area in California I would greatly appreciate that. Please Help Me.

  7. Dave
    Dave says:

    I have a client with over 100 inverters installed between 5 and 7 years ago. Who should they speak to about extended coverage options and cost?


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