SMA Inverter First to Achieve 1500V, UL 62109-1 Certification

Inverters are rightfully recognized as the “brains” of PV systems and that is perhaps more true today than it has ever been. As PV systems become more intelligent and increasingly commonplace in electrical power systems, inverters have to be equipped to deliver reliably and safely. 

UL is an independent global safety that works to advance and meet ever-evolving product safety, performance and interoperability needs. SMA – through its achievement of UL certifications – is able to demonstrate to markets around the globe that its products operate safely not just under expected, normal use but also under foreseeable abnormal conditions. Products that carry the UL mark have successfully gone through demanding testing and comprehensive evaluation to carry one of the most recognized and trusted certifications in the world.

Today, PV inverter manufacturers can choose the existing UL 1741 Standard or the newer UL 62109 which is based on UL 1741 and aims to address updated safety aspects of PV power conversion equipment. UL 62109 is now the U.S. harmonized version of the international PV power conversion standard IEC 62109. While UL 1741 and UL 62109 address the same types of hazards, the later requires more than 50 different tests, significantly more than UL 1741.

UL 62109, which is written for PV inverters only, benefits customers because inverters are now undergoing more testing to help ensure safety, reliability and functionality. SMA is proud to be the first inverter manufacturer to have a product on the market with a 1500V, UL 62109-1 certification.

Learn more about how inverters benefit from the updated UL 62109 Standard by visiting the UL blog.

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