SMA Delivers One Millionth Sunny Tripower TL Inverter

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SMA recently delivered its 1 millionth Sunny Tripower TL inverter, a significant milestone for the company’s first ever three-phase PV string inverter and a notable accomplishment as production of this specific series comes to an end.  

To celebrate, a commemorative golden lid was constructed and delivered to the customer along with the inverter.  

The Sunny Tripower TL product line represents over 15 GW of capacity delivered by SMA over the lifetime of the inverter’s production. To provide more perspective, SMA has delivered more than 120 GW worldwide across all products, making this product line a significant percentage of that total. In fact, the Sunny Tripower TL represents more capacity than some inverter manufacturers have delivered in their entire existence! 

Several significant advancements in technology have occurred throughout the history of the Sunny Tripower TL. In North America, these included:

  • Integrated DC arc-fault detection and interruption  
  • Support of PV arrays working up to 1000 Vdc 
  • Transformerless three-phase design  
  • Dual MPPT channels with extremely wide operating voltage window  
  • ShadeFix optimization 

About five years ago, the Sunny Tripower TL was replaced with SMA’s successful CORE1 line in North America – but the inverter was available in Europe and Asia until very recently. Production of this extremely successful product line has now concluded as delivery of its successor has continued.  

Now SMA and our customers are turning to the new Sunny Tripower X, which has launched in Europe and will become available for quotation starting February 8, 2023, in North America. The Sunny Tripower X meets the market’s rapidly growing demand for commercial PV installations alongside the CORE1.  

The new Sunny Tripower X line provides enhanced features such as integrated IV curve diagnostics and integrated System Manager functionality, enabling easy monitoring on ennexOS Sunny Portal and dynamic power control. We expect this new line to be even more successful than the Tripower TL line…is platinum status possible? We sure think so! 



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