Racing Oar Manufacturer Propels Forward With Solar

Concept2 is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of rowing equipment and racing oars. Its products are used every day by Olympians, cardiac rehab patients and all physical abilities in between. Concept2 recently invested in a PV system for its corporate headquarters located in Morrisville, Vermont. 

Concept2 was looking for a way to stay ahead of its competition, reduce its bottom line and minimize its carbon footprint. The solution was to invest in a 39 kW solar system with 7 Series -24 AllSun Trackers, each tracker coupled with a SMA Sunny Boy 6000-US inverter.

Tracking the Sun 

AllSun Trackers are solar panels mounted on poles and installed in the ground. As the sun moves across the sky, the solar panels follow. This maximizes the amount of sunshine that reaches the solar panels and the amount of electricity produced.

Upgrading an Existing System

Initially in 2010, Concept2 purchased four AllSun trackers. After solving space constraints at its corporate headquarters and seeing an attractive return on investment, Concept2 ordered three additional AllSun trackers in the fall of 2011.

“When we installed our first AllSun trackers in 2010 we didn’t have room for the seven we wanted. That recently changed so we took another look at the available incentives and crunched numbers carefully. With a solid return on investment, we saw adding another three trackers to our existing solar as a real win-win.” – Judy Geer, Co-Owner Concept2

Seeing Results 

Today the system is generating approximately 54,600 kWh per year. Concept2 is proud to produce renewable energy on site.  This system currently accounts for 20 percent of Concept2’s energy needs.

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